Rebound Fitness uses science technology and Physicians to assess the physical needs of each undividual. Once that need has been determined, a staff member coaches the athlete through a personalized exercise program.

Professional and ameteur athletes alike have incorporated our methods of exercise into their daily routine for the purpose of enhancing their athletic performance and rehabilitating injuries.
Rebound Fitness does not teach or give lessons for any sport activity. However, we will teach you to recognize your anatomical deficiencies and correct them. Correction will increase the overall efficiency of your body mechanics and contribute to superior physical performance.

Athletic training is practiced by athletic trainers, health care professionals who collaborate with physicians to optimize activity and participation of patients and clients. Athletic training encompasses the prevention, diagnosis, and intervention of emergency, acute, and chronic medical conditions involving impairment, functional limitations, and disabilities.


To become certified athletic trainers, students must graduate with bachelors or masters degree from an accredited professional athletic training education program and pass a comprehensive test administered by the Board of Certification. Once certified, they must meet ongoing continuing education requirements in order to remain certified.