Golf Fitness

If you play golf, you are an athlete. A proper golf swing is one of the most complicated, difficult moves in sports. Just one round of golf requires strength, balance, flexibility, coordination and endurance. Plus, considering that golf exposes you to sports-related injuries, aches and pains, you are indeed an athlete!

Improve your swing, and your score! At Rebound Fitness, we know that the secret to a better, safer golf game is in your “fitness” for golf.

Golf Fitness at Rebound Fitness Will:

  • Improve your balance & ensure proper posture
  • Increase your flexibility
  • Hit longer off the tee
  • Avoid common aches, pains & injuries, such as wrist, shoulder and back problems
  • Return to your best game following an injury plus prevent re-injury

Whether you are a beginner, an avid amateur or a pro, Rebound Fitness will focuses on your unique needs and abilities through highly personalized sessions with experienced healthcare professionals who understand the complex body mechanics needed for golf. 

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