physical Therapy Technique Northbrook, IL

Our Practice

Rebound Fitness is a physical therapy, sports medicine, and sports performance company located in Chicago. The company was founded in 1994 by Greg Cadichon with a singular vision to provide comprehensive physical therapy combined with athletic training. Rebound Fitness currently serves a loyal patient base in three locations: Northbrook, the campus of Stevenson high school and the campus of Robert Morris University – Chicago.

Rebound Fitness provides a unique, multi-disciplinary approach to physical therapy and athletic training. The skills of the medical doctor, physical therapist and athletic trainer are integrated to accurately diagnose, and then create a customized plan for injury management. This approach leads to significantly better outcomes in terms of rehabilitation and performance for patients with orthopedic injuries or muscular-skeletal disorders. Strength and performance training provides a basis for ongoing improvement.

The program at Rebound Fitness has contributed to a number of high-school athletes receiving athletic scholarships or acceptance to leading universities such as: Notre Dame, Princeton, Northwestern, Stanford, and the University of Illinois. In addition, we are very proud of the fact that many physicians are our clients, including a number of orthopedic physicians. We believe they, along with our many long-standing clients, recognize the unique benefits of our approach.