Topher Stesby

IMG_4121 Apr22nd 2019

I first came to Greg towards the beginning of my senior year in high school. Prior to this point I had won three swimming High School State Championships. Early in my senior season I developed a shoulder injury which led me to Greg as I knew that he had worked with swimmers in the past. My main issue came from an over tightness in my chest and shoulders. At the time this first started bothering me I didn’t really expect to be able to come back very quickly or swim at the same level that I was at before.

After a week of kicking during practice, to give my shoulders a break, I went back to swimming and continued to work with Greg twice a week trying to get back to where I was before. With his help, I ended my senior season with another State Championship and personal best times in the 50 freestyle (going 19.93 at High SchoolState and 19.76 at Senior State a week later). With the help of Rebound Fitness & Rehabilitation, I know I will be well prepared for the challenges the will be presented to me, swimming at the D1 level at the University of Notre Dame.