Grant Branch IV

j4 Apr22nd 2019

I started going to Rebound Fitness when I was a freshman in high school. I was an oversized athlete with chronic ankle and knee pain. My parents took me to many doctors and physical therapist, only to receive temporary relief. Rebound Fitness, had a unique approach to resolving the chronic pain I was experiencing.

The physical therapist used high speed video to capture my movements in slow motion. This allowed physical therapist to see the muscle imbalances in my lower body and create a custom strengthening plan for me. Within a few weeks I was virtually pain free. After the physical therapy was over, I worked with the performance trainer to keep me pain free. Rebound Fitness gave me a competitive edge.

As a result of the physical therapy and the performance training from Rebound Fitness, I played high school football for four years, three of which were on varsity, injury free. I earned an athletic scholarship to Eastern Illinois University and continued to play at a high level and pain free. Currently, I am working with the athletic trainers at Rebound Fitness before I try out for the NFL.