Wils Warren

I came to Rebound Fitness initially to help me work through and manage my growing pains when I was 12 years old. They were impacting how I walked, moved on the tennis court, and my daily activities. Rebound started by assessing how I moved, what my muscles did, and what my tendencies were when I moved different ways. He first developed a plan to stretch and safely strengthen my muscles as my bones were growing. Within a couple months, maybe less, I was feeling so much better and didn’t hurt like I did before.

I continue to work with Rebound Fitness to keep me healthy, strength-train, and to make me a better tennis player. I play USTA tournaments, as well as being a Varsity player as a freshman, and since starting at Rebound, I have seen great improvements in my tennis game. I have seen the difference in how I move on the court, my endurance on the court, and how I feel after long or back-to-back matches and practices. I look forward to improving more as I near my goal of playing tennis in college.