Kayla Henning

kayla henning Jan10th 2020

“Senior guard Kayla Henning is a four-year varsity player, but her health has made consistency difficult at times. Lingering back issues affected her as a sophomore. Her junior year, she was returning from an ACL injury. But Henning’s senior year has been different so far.

‘I was telling my mom, this is the first time that I feel completely healthy going into the season,’ Henning said. ‘After I tore my ACL, I took my body more seriously. Before my ACL, I was pretty naturally strong and athletic. I didn’t really work on my strength that much, because I was strong already.’

‘[They] helped me understand my body and work on different muscles that you don’t think about but use all the time,’ Henning said. ‘I think that has been the difference when it comes to those nagging and annoying injuries. I don’t really feel those anymore because I’ve worked those muscles.’

Her teammates and coaches said they see the difference.”

– The Chicago Tribune